10 Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga is an amazing activity to get into. Practicing yoga is a great way to give you self-confidence, and more physical awareness. In addition to yoga being a very low impact way to move your body, it has wonderful spiritual and mental benefits. For many, yoga is truly a lifelong practice (lifestyle, even) that begins with baby steps and beginner poses, and morphs into a skilled art form. If you are looking to try your hands (and feet!) at yoga, then shift your attention from the “show-ga” you see on social media and focus on the basics. Here are 10 yoga poses you can try as a beginner.

1. Cat/Cow

Start on your hands and knees. If you have sensitive knees, use a little extra padding like a mat or a towel. Make sure your wrists line up underneath your shoulders, your knees line up under your hips, and your abs are engaged to ensure a neutral spine. You essentially want to make a table-top with your back. On the inhale, starting from your pelvis you drop your belly towards the ground. On the exhale, again starting from the pelvis, arch your back like scared cat. Repeat this action, being mindful of moving with your breath – this means that there is no specific speed at which to move! Get comfortable figuring it out.

Woman doing cat cow pose
Photo Courtesy of Yoga Journal