How To Tie a Tie

5. The Simple Knot

The Simple knot has many names: the Oriental knot, the Kent knot, the small knot and the Simple knot – they all represent the exact same knot. This knot is the smallest knot for neckties, and it’s arguably the easiest to tie. Laying the tie flat on a surface, start by crossing the two ends of the tie wide end under skinny. Next, bring the wide end over top and under it. Instead of wrapping it around again, bring it up through the middle (where the two sections intersect), and pull it under and through the “tunnel” you made with the wide side of the tie. Of note for the simple knot: some tie knots are self-releasing, meaning you can pull at the tie to release it; but the Simple knot has to be manually untied.

Simple Knot tying guide
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