How to Write a Resume

Knowing how to write a good, professional resume is an underrated skill.  Maybe you’ll be lucky in life and won’t have to use it too often, if at all; or, maybe you’ll be in a position where you need to write, re-write and update your resume on a more regular basis.  Whatever the situation, knowing how to write a resume that catches your prospective employer’s attention is key.  It’s also important to toe the line between providing substantial information without being too wordy.  Whatever your need, we’ll show you the best way to write a resume.

1. Choose a Template

The easiest way to start a resume is to choose a template from available options. Sometimes word-processing applications will have templates you can fill-in, but sometimes you might have to re-create the template if it’s not available.  To choose a template, try searching online for resume templates and/or examples in the profession you’re applying into. Reviewing examples also gives you some good exposure to the quality, design and caliber of resume out in the world.  Some professions also have varying standards of formatting and content, so make sure to acquaint yourself with what’s out there.

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